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Multi language subtitle support

Multi language support

You can download subtitles in many languages in addition to spoken video language.

Fast and secure subtitle downloads across all device types

Fast and secure subtitle downloads

Get subtitles in high speed and in secure way by GetSubs to your mobile device and PC.

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Save subtitles from popular streaming sites: Tiktok, Facebook, Dailymotion, Bilibili and YouTube.

What is Subtitle Downloader? is a free web application that downloads subtitles from major video sites such as Tiktok, Dailymotion, Facebook and Youtube.You may get captions in the native language of the video as well as auto translated subtitles to your own language. When you get the written speech of a video, you can read it faster than watching the video. You can easily download subtitles from Tiktok, Dailymotion, Facebook, Bilibili and YouTube both to your desktop pc and mobile phone without needing a software installation. It's totally free. If you need to save Tiktok videos or Instagram posts, you can use GlitX to download all videos, stories, photos from social media sites.

How to download subtitles from video sites?

Downloading subtitles from social media sites.
Saving subtitles to your pc is the same for all video sites. Find the video that you need to transcribe, then simply copy the video url from your browser and paste it to the application box at the upper section of
If you prefer to download subtitles to your mobile phone, then you should copy the link of the video either from corresponding application or mobile browser. Then by using the browser of your mobile device, go to and paste the link to the subtitle downloader form. For language learning, you can try to download bilingual subtitles. Bilingual subtitles greatly accelerate language learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's basically a web application which helps users to download subtitles from online video sites and applications. These video platforms can be Youtube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Tiktok etc...

Downloading subtitles from all video platforms is the same for Just copy the URL of the video from video streaming application or website, then paste it to the box at Choose the language of the subtitle you need and download in the format you choose. That's so simple and easy.

CC stands for closed captioning and it is the written version of speech of the video which is displayed on video screen. We may say it's a transcription of the video but it can also include the short description of sound effects in video.

Closed captions are exactly the same text of the spoken speech of videos whereas subtitles are different language than the original language of the video. Purpose of closed captions is mainly for viewers who can't hear the video well and subtitles are intended for viewers who may not understand the language of the speech of the video.

Short answer is no. Instagram does not offer subtitle feature currently. You can only render subtitles to the video file before you publish a video at Instagram. So, you can't download subtitles from Instagram currently.
💡 Fast & Easy Subtitle Download Trick
Enter “” at the begining of video URL's to go directly to subtitle page