Download Subtitles from Facebook

Most efficient and fastest way to get subtitles from Facebook!

This online app is built for downloading subtitles from Facebook in an efficient and organized way. Sometimes you may need to get captions from Facebook for your projects or study. Then Facebook Subtitle Downloader is the right tool for you.

How to download Facebook captions?

To get closed captions to your mobile device:
Go to the video by using Facebook application.
  1. Tap on the share button located below the Facebook video. A menu will be opened including all sharing options.
  2. Tap on "Copy link" to copy the video URL to the clipboard.
  3. Switch to your favorite internet browser, and go to "". Then paste the URL to the box at GetSubs.
Screenshots showing how to download facebook subtitles to your mobile device
To get facebook captions to your computer:
Open your favorite internet browser and go to to find the video page.
  1. Copy the URL of the facebook video from the address bar as shown in the picture.
  2. Then go to and paste the URL to the box at GetSubs application. All downloadable subtitles will be listed at the result page.
Screenshots of the tutorial for how to download facebook subtitles

GetSubs Facebook Subtitle Downloader Main Features:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes of course! It's an easy process by using GetSubs. If the facebook video has captions, you can save them with application.

Some videos have author embedded subtitles, some videos have auto-generated subtitles and some videos don't have it. You can check whether there is subtitle or not by clicking on the "CC" button below the video. If there is no "CC" button, it means there is no downloadable subtitles in the video.

First of all, copy the URL of the facebook video either by computer or mobile application. Then enter that URL to the application at It's simple as that. For more details, you may check the guide above.
💡 Fast & Easy Subtitle Download Trick
Enter “” at the begining of video URL's to go directly to subtitle page