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Youtube subtitle downloader tool helps you to get subtitles in seconds!

Downloading subtitles from Youtube is possible with a simple process thanks to GetSubs. GetSubs offers you the subtitles from Youtube in an organized way, you only have to choose the language. In any language you need, you can download captions with one click and use it in any way you like, and it is a completely free service. It doesn't matter if the Youtube video is short or long, it is usually difficult to download very large subtitle files from long videos, but with GetSubs, very long subtitles can be downloaded easily. Bilingual subtitles can also be generated by GetSubs by merging 2 language texts in one subtitle file.

How to save subtitles from Youtube videos?

To download subtitles to your mobile device:
Go to the video from the Youtube application.
  1. Tap on the share button below the video to open sharing menu.
  2. Tap on "Copy link" to copy the video URL.
  3. Paste the URL to the box at, subtitles will be ready in seconds.
Screenshots showing how to download subtitles to your mobile device
To download subtitles to your computer:
Go to the video page at to download the transcription.
  1. Copy the URL of the video from the address bar of your browser.
  2. Paste the Youtube URL to the box at web application and press enter. Subtitles will be ready at the download page :)
Screenshots of the tutorial for how to download subtitles

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can with GetSubs. If the video has captions embedded inside, yes you can download them easily with

Just click on the "CC" button below the video frame. If there are captions options, then there is subtitles that GetSubs can get for you.

Go and get the URL of the video that you need subtitles from, then paste it to the app in GetSubs, that's it! If you need more detailed explanation, check the tutorial above. supports the 3 most popular file formats which are srt, txt and vtt.

After you paste the youtube video url to the GetSubs web application, you will see the bilingual subtitle options in the list. Choose the languages you want and merge them in a one subtitle file, then you can download it in couple of seconds.
💡 Fast & Easy Subtitle Download Trick
Enter “” at the begining of video URL's to go directly to subtitle page