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Download subtitles from Bilibili videos in popular subtitle formats

Are you looking for an easy way to get subtitles from Bilibili? Then is the right place for you. If there is subtitles in the video, can transcribe the Bilibili video and shows all language options to be downloaded. Top 3 most popular file formats are supported for Bilibili videos which are srt, vtt and txt.
Please keep in mind that some Bilibili videos don't have downloadable subtitles even though you see them in the video. Because those subtitles are rendered inside the video graphically. Videos should have (cc) button at the bottom of video frame to be able to be downloadable as subtitle file.

How to download subtitles from Bilibili?

To download subtitles to your mobile device follow the instructions below:
If you are using mobile browser instead of Bilibili application, you can jump to PC instructions below.
  1. At the Bilibili application, tap on the share button while you are at a video.
  2. Tap on "Copy link" button to get the video URL.
  3. Paste the copied URL to the box at to get your subtitles.
Step by step instructions to get subtitles from Bilibili application
To download Bilibili subtitles to your pc:
Go to and find the video that you need the subtitles.
  1. Simply copy the video URL from the address bar.
  2. Paste the URL to the box at Your subtitles will be listed in seconds.
Step by step tutorial to save Bilibili subtitles on pc's

Features of Subtitle Downloader for Bilibili:

Frequently Asked Questions

It's an online application which lets users to download subtitles from Bilibili. There is no need to install any application to your device. It works by simple copy and paste method.

It's more or less the same for all device types. Copy the URL of the video from or from Bilibili mobile application. Then paste it to the box at GetSubs will list you all the available subtitles which can be downloaded to your device.

If GetSubs does not show any subtitles for a video, it means there is no separate transcription for the video. The subtitles you see is definitely rendered to the video file itself by author. So this is impossible to download unless the author posts the transcription to the video.
💡 Fast & Easy Subtitle Download Trick
Enter “” at the begining of video URL's to go directly to subtitle page